[Rpm-metadata] xml - first try

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Mon Sep 1 15:43:53 EDT 2003

>   yeah rpm tag should be renamed. I actually would find cleaner a full
> package URL as a mandatory URL="..." attribute on the <package> tag.
> Splitting the URL can be done elsewhere, extends the format for no good
> reason, and makes even more likely stupid mistakes.
>   I would also add a <source> tag in it if there is a source URL available
> for the given package.

I'm confused, then. How does a client find the rpm if it doesn't know
where to look?


let's say this is mirrored to some place - how do I know what relative
path from the metadata I should take to find that rpm?

Should I take: http://mymirror.org/some/path/full.rpm or just


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