[Rpm-metadata] release/something metadata file

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Fri Nov 14 01:53:04 EST 2003

>   Hum, the relative paths are actually URI-References from an XML point
> of view. In that case I suggest to use
>    <data type='base' href='relative/path/to/base.xml'/>
>    etc...
> because people will immediately understand that an href attribute is 
> an URI reference.

>   I'm not sure I understand the concept behind base or filelist and other
> but purely from a syntax viewpoint href attributes are better.

What are you confused by? The idea is to a reference to where one would
be able to find the xml file that contains the complete file list for
the pkgs in the repository and where to find the base information for
the packages in the repository.

I need better terms to refer to things - I think 'base' is just
confusing things.

maybe this is best:

repositorymd  = data about the repository, where things are, its name, 
                its owner, etc.
pkgprimarymd  = primary package metadata (requires, provides, name, 
                descript, etc)
pkgfilelistmd = the file lists for the packages
pkgothermd    = other metadata, changelogs, for example, maybe other 
                stuff that shows up.

Does that make more sense?


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