[Rpm-metadata] release/something metadata file

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Sun Nov 9 20:25:24 EST 2003

 Last week we discussed a file that would describe where the other misc
data could be found for this repository.

So this file, b/c it is the one used to describe the others might
actually need to be standard name (well it doesn't have to be but it
might be nice rather than pointing people to arbitrarily named files for
the whole repository location)
anyway I was thinking:

and I had the following thoughts about its format:

  <name>some name for human consumption</name>
  <description>some text description</description>
    <data type='base'>relative/path/to/base.xml</data>
    <data type='filelist'>relative/path/to/filelists.xml</data>
    <data type='other'>relative/path/to/other.xml</data>

I had another zany idea for repositories to have paths to others of
these files listed for repository dependencies, but that's just nutzoid.

how does the above mesh with everyone?


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