[Rpm-metadata] status questions

seth vidal skvidal at phy.duke.edu
Tue Nov 4 01:31:56 EST 2003

Hi everyone,
 I was just wondering what people think of what we've come up with so
far. Does it seem workable for all the various projects/programs? Are
you comfortable with the file layout? 

here are the things I've left on my todo list:
 - finalize dtds for filelists and 'other' file
 - determine shape/layout of the releases/channels/whatever you want to
call it file that informs about the rest of this data
 - versioning for this format so we can tag things as 1.0/2.0/etc in the
 - explanation of decision documentation (malcolm, what things do you
 - timeline for a more-public disclosure of this format
 - group file formatting

Here are the things left on my 'some contention list':
 - is package buildtime something that can be in the common namespace or
should that be rpm-only?
 - are the checksum-style ids consistent/compliant for everyone?

I have this delusion about maybe getting a release of this format out
for public critique and consumption by the end of november, but I'd
rather not rush anything if it isn't ready.

Also if this works out it might be useful to propose that this format be
given some sort of lsb-status (eventually) - I think Jeff J. originally
suggested this.

Thoughts on all of the above?


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